Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gombrowicz's "Pornografia"

Continuation of my re-reading of Gombrowicz.
In "Pornografia" he is at his best, intentially
controversial and bulversing. It is amazing to see
how he constructs the pervert tension of old against-or
along-the young.

Author creates the twisted reality of the story through
actions of older guys towards a younger couple. Which is
the more pervert: marriage of old guy to a much younger
girl, or their action, which in effect, prevents it? Older
guys try to make young couple into lovers, although themselves
are not even thinking about it, being friends from childhood.
The reason for such action of older guys is that they would
like themselves to couple with young, but since they can not,
then at least they try to sublimate their will through action
on them.

Gombrowicz would not be himself if he would be simple:
there is a parallel story of Polish reality in WWII, when
AK (Armia Krajowa=National Army), which is different than
AL (Armia Ludowa=People's Army), acts against one of its
detractors. It was not a little to write about AK in 1950-ies,
as its role was negated by communist government-the only heroic
army could be the Red Army of USSR. Again, today it is all
too easy to forget the historical reality of Gombrowicz's

"Cosmos" and "Pornografia" are essential Gombrowicz. In
them he creates (erotic) reality of usual things and events, and uses
it to build tension in the fabric of that reality. Masterpieces which
only a tense mind like his could produce.

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