Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Coetzee's "Diary of a Bad Year"

This is a diary of strong opinions. Author presents it as a series of essays on
free topics, with the self-censorship turned "OFF".

Coetzee is an South African writer living in Australia. The main character
of this book is an esteemed Australian writer of foreign air, so much so
that the beauty he fell for calls him Senor, as if he would be of South
American origin.

That the book would not be simply boring, a litany of musings of a boring
over-intellectualized old prick, author spiced it with real life: a hot
chick. An inovative move in the book, like a magician's stick adding
something of a Peter Pan in the story.

It starts with the introduction part where the strong opinion about
origins of the state, terrorism (it is dated 2005 to 2006) or anarchy is
presented along with trivia from his everyday life. After some 20 pages,
the hot chick gets the bottom of the page for herself. Then it becomes,
page by page, a three-fold story. At the end, she takes two of the three
windows of the page, in one conversing with the author, in another with her
boyfriend or herself.

Most of the text is by the old prick who could not do anything else with the
hot chick than to employ her as a typist. His hands tremble too much, his
other organ would not tremble even with heap of Viagra, but his brain is as
attentive to a woman beauty as a man's brain can be.

A woman shows to be not an empty shell. Her boyfriend, with whom
she lives in the same buliding as the author, is a predator investment
consultant. He shows also to be an emotional predator, and encounter with
the Senor, in effect, produces their split.

The (platonic) relationship between the author and his typist introduces new
vistas, and affects their lives. The relationship is real life, blood and smiles.

Interesting texts, innovative methods... Coetzee is not in vain one of most esteemed
authors in English literature. His biography itself is amazing, definitely worth
reading, check it online.

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