Saturday, August 9, 2008


Since some time I am reading Bertrand Russell's classic work on history of philosophy "History of Western Philosophy". It is so classic that it is a shame to say I stumbled upon it only so old as I am, when I should read it some 25 years ago. Well, I obviously had more important things to do, and to read about Western philosophy, I had to submerge in this Confucianistic island of Formosa.

When it is like this, I notice that after living in Greece, and visiting it recently, I appreciate Russell's illumination on Greek philosophy. I am speaking as a delighted reader of Homer, rather than as a 21st century tourist, sure.

What kicks in Russell's writing is witty comments from time to time, so nice is how he makes the matter alive with this, not dusty-philosophy of the forgotten library shelves.

I reccomend this review, indeed. Take your time with it, it is not something to be swallowed...but rather licked with pleasure when time permits, and mind is at its leisure mode.

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