Thursday, May 15, 2008

OLPC or One Laptop Per Child -crash of responsibility

I found Ivan Krstic blog which explains what happened with the project I found good idea some 2 years ago when I heard about it. I.Krstic explains-and more so with his essay here, which tells more about himself and people involved than the OLPC project.
Here is more on this, from yahoo news: yahoo on OLPC

But, then, projects are made by people. And when it goes for large humanitarian/educational projects, we know they are almost bound to fail.

But also we know that what matters is these few kids who will actually benefit from the scheme, even of it is the one to fail gloriously. So, at the end, maybe N. Negroponte's idea of "getting as many laptops out there", and anything else (after all disillusions I can imagine he had along the way) is not so much futile.

OLPC, Requiescat in pacem.

About MS Win-Mac-Linux I will not say nothing. In this world of multitude of possibilities for OS (1,2,3,...huh, what is after 3??? Our hyper-giga-mega tech civilization learned to count only to three? Seems so. Long way to go, guys, be happy your latop is running at all, not which OS it is running!) . I am running Linux. If I would run Windows world would not change as much as is dot on an "i". But I do not like to pay Bill's bill, that's all, I prefer to pay my own bills.

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