Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Left- ver. right-handed, results of the experiment

In my post of September 25, 2007 I wrote about an experiment I am to perform. Change from right to the left hand for using the mouse.

It is almost half year now. Ghosh, I am a heavy user! The result: some stramge tickling in my LEFT hand. I feel like Marvin from Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy", pain in the diodes of the hand :-D

Btw., strangeness of the writing ceased after a month-NOW i feel a bit strange typing, just changed the mouse back to righ hand... it is amazing what we are doing to our bodies.
Mind...adopts. I did not become more clever, though, stupid "tovar" (=donkey) as usual :-{

I am definitely to try to buy the kneeling ("prayer", hehe) chair for sitting in front of the machine, because positions I am making sometimes when staring into the screen for 12 hours are... in delicate words, dangerous. Here in Taiwan I do not see them around, but heard there is IKEA, so maybe there I could find it. Will do my best.

Conclusion of the experiment: change the hand for your mouse when you notice any troubles. It seems half year is a good timing, when intensively sitting in front of the machine.

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