Sunday, February 17, 2008


P.Coelho, "Alchemist"
I took this book in my hand after avoiding to do so for quite a time, because of the fame of the author. Ill fame.

It is a curse for a writer to write such a book.

It has something of Hesse's spirit (especially from "Siddartha"), with its naiveness, or I should say virginity? A bit of Richard Bach (from "Seagull Jonathan Livingston" or "Illusions") is also present. But it is original in its way of simple story-telling. Overloaded with short slogans of common wisdom, it merges them, however, into eatable food for brain. Although, forget about "high literature" encountering it. It might be in a book-shelf of philosophologist's children, not his own. {Philosophology...see R.M. Pirsig's definition in "Lila"-it is what people usually call "Philosophy", but it can not, should not be perverted this as it is in schools, teaching, learning it, is "-logy", living it is "-sophy"}.

Brain, I said, not ignorant sponge. These "wisdoms" are terribly politically correct when compared with other beliefs and cultures, but maintain realistic outlook in the book. Exactly how shepherd should see the world. And I know, my family were shepherds for generations, I still have it in my blood and head.

I am not to read some other book by P. Coelho soon, anyway. Too high a pitch for my ears.
Only... 'Pilgrimage', his 1st book, might be interesting for me, as I plan to go to Santiago de Compostella as an atheistic pilgrim. Sometimes our ways as readers are almost as uncertain as the book heros'.

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