Friday, November 2, 2007

Short talks ver. long talks

I was giving a proper colloquium, after longer time of pressing my mind into 10 or 15 minute talks. Not that I would have so much to say about my High Science, but it is nice sometimes to have possibility to develop line of reasoning and say what one has to say. One hour talk (10 min for questions) is just enough for it. Interesting was that I choosed not to speak about my specific topic, but some offspring of it. One hour of talk about numerical tests for MHD simulations might seem horrible, at least for the audience. But, knowing there will be mainly students, I did my best to be illustrative and clear as much as possible. As nobody fall down from the chair, snoring, I suppose I succeeded.
Interesting samoobservation was that I actually enjoyed the show. As said, it was rather non-sexy topic. But, exactly this made it more of a challenge! After 12 years of presenting in Science, even dropout from the highly frustrating machinery of Zagreb University gets to learn to give talks relaxed and non-stresses. And if I remember how much of stress I had to work through during these 12 years! Well, nothing I have to tell to fellow sufferers, present students etc., than: endure. One day you will go through. Just do not think too much, do not do much of stress. Understand it is something to deal with, and one, eventually, gets used, forgets it. After some time you gain proficiency in what you do, and this helps. When speaking about things new to you, or out of your scope, you learn to know your limits, and are not pressed to "know everything perfect", you know where you can say "I do not know", or just go over it, silently. Simply, one actually learns some things with time, really! Good luck
One financial addition: interesting is that here in Taiwan they pay you for such talks, if given on other institution. A bit less than 50 eur for an hour, not too bad, really. Strange feeling, for us europeans, to get envelope with money afterwards.

And one observation about city where I was, half way between Hsinchu and Taipei, Jhongli. Dirty, ugly industrial city. Only thing worth notice are beautiful girls on the streets, sometimes. This is core of Taiwan Tiger industry, with Taoyouan close by, and it is visible in the level of pollution and dirt everywhere. Taoyuian already invested its money into infrastructure, Jhongli still has to do it, obviously.

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