Saturday, October 6, 2007


I find myself much more often than previously making pancakes, making bean soups...
Some effects of being on Mars for more than half year? Obviously.

After typhoon Krosa I will go for my 2nd Japan. Backpacking style this time, let's see more.

I was translating something from English to Slovenian...gosh, how long time since my last being there, it is unacceptable! Slovenian Alps + croatian coast, this are essential ingredients of my peace with myself, it seems.

Formulating something in Slovenian is extremely hard for me, as it mixes with Polish. But, funny enough, I like this harsh language, it has some weird poetical strength, for me. Croatian is an eternal Krlezian psychological drama, Polish is the language of Herbert and Gombrowicz, of XXI ct. catholic middle age, today. Slovenian seems to remain some oasis of Preseren-like local poets, of non-global (un)importance. Poets of few walleys on the border of former German world. But how nice walleys!

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