Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Left- ver. right-handed

Tell me CP-parity (left versus right spin particles) violation does not matter in the St. Reality!

I started an experiment out of sheer chance. I injured my right shoulder last year dragging too heavy backpack through half Europe, and it needed more than half year to heal. Obviously, it is not complete, as slight miscalculated move recently activated similar pain again.

I visited traditional medicine ambulance here in Hsinchu, and tried their methods, it was good chance to become acquainted with this aspect of life here, also. Who knows me, knows I do not like even homeopathy, not to speak about sorcerers ;-). But am not blind for the world around, and to trying above my personal limitations.
My back after the visit-my shoulder is embalmed with minth, after hot towel and extensive massage treatment:

2nd time there, I tried acupuncture:

It helps in the sense you really do not feel pain (or feel it less) when having these needles inside. No, it is not painful at all, needles are just pinged inside swiftly, I think tissue is just shifted by them, more than pierced.

Now about the experiment. As I could not type or move mouse with my right hand-yes, it hurted so much-I used my left hand. I started my life as left-handed person, then, back in 1976, wise teachers of old leftist school forced my move to right hand. Maybe this was the reason for some my problems later? For sure it WAS the problem for my handwriting, which never became readable for others. Well, except maybe sometimes, in certain circumstances of my psyche which I would not describe as 'normal'.

So, I noticed moving the mouse with my left hand goes quite well. I changed order of buttons in setup and it was even better. But I noticed my typing became different-as if it would not be me. As if using left hand for mouse would affect something in my brain, really affect. Obviously, brain felt the switch. And I felt it (Miki-mouse) GOOD.

So, I decided to pursue it further: what else will change in my brain, doing the switch? To which level such an old horse as myself, can switch back to the left-handed world?

Really, motivation is in strangeness of feeling my own moves, and kind of feeling in head, as if I'd be a bit detached from myself. Interesting. Let's see what other effects I will be able to notice. As for now the strange (but positive feeling in head, something of kind of re-arranging in my brain, really interesting, like if it would put the question 'hey, what's this now? Mmm, I see some corridors here which were in dark, not visited for a looong time! Let's see them. curious I am what is there...".

Another change I decided to do is to add the ergonomic chair for long time computer work, as I had in Germany, some new equipment in TIARA ;-) . Sitting approx 12 hours/day or more in front of the computer is not natural thing, so we should use all means to help ourselves. Using large (19'') screen and large font on it helps to preserve my sight, chair is equally important, I feel.

All this forced at least one interesting move: after a long long time I read my little green booklet with particle physics notes from Zagreb, to review what CP violation was about, exactly. Seeing these equations was like visiting old friend, really it is time to move from these low energies to high energies, again ;-)

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