Sunday, September 23, 2007

Die Liebhaberinnen

Next book by E. Jelinek, it was written in 1975. No capital letters-I should check in original how she did it, as in German it is quite essential feature. Engl. translation is "Women as lovers" and, as usual, it is not possible to specify something so clear as in German.

It is wonderfully written sad story about austrian women. Any women. The fact of writing this in 1975 is stunning, much. Lady really deserved her Nobel.

It is about stereotypes, written completely non-stereotypic. 2 intertwined stories (only on paper, they do not mix in the reality of the book) about 2 fates of women, where Jelined chirurgically shows their actions, reasons and results. Pure science, and who then Viennese should do it so good. And so nice without ANY reference to highbrow psychology.

At the moments Jelinek is brutal to people...but so true. It reminded me on some pictures from Zagorje, my region in Northern Croatia, which is similar in psyche and ways with austrian ones.

Completely different than Marina Cvetajeva, Anais Nin or similar. More realistic? Certainly with much less artistic attitude (but achieving Art, nevertheless). It is almost Zolan Naturalism in its effects on one's guts.

My bow, Lady Jelinek.

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