Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ph.K.Dick, "The man in the high castle"

Reading of this book was a travel in time, not only beacuse it moved me to some alternative space-time, but also because of shifting me for some 30 years in my private time-the time when I read it the first time. I lived in so different a world then, that thinking of it seems equally imaginary as this novel's story.

In fact, the reality of today seems closer to PKD's story than what I lived back in 1980-ies, in Yugoslavia. Reading of newspapers or listening to the news would easily convince me that Nazi and Japs won the WWII, and we are in some post-war development from the extremal times.

Superb story, with a quality above mere story-telling. Alternative history? He is known to move in his head, in last years of life, into the reality where we all live in a Roman Empire time, only we do not know it. Matrix before "Matrix"?

It is interesting how he makes the book written by "I Ching", giving it another dimension. Weird, especially at his time of less "global" world. Really nothing "typical" in his writing here.

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