Monday, July 6, 2015

D. Adams & M. Carwardine "Last chance to see"

I am a sceptical, but naive man.
Sceptical: It means that I will not fall easily for a book co-authored by an author I love. I will not buy others' wish to capitalize on my liking someone else.
Naive: I give it a chance sometimes.

Summa summarum: in this case, it was good to be naive. I was mistakenly sceptical.

This is a great Adams' writing, with a spirit and few (ending) words of Carwardine, who is obviously a great man, but rare are such writers as D. Adams.

I enjoyed every single page of the book. It delivers what it promises: an insight into the world which is slipping under our feet. It will go perfectly with books of R. Dawkins, if there are any I did not share as a gift. Until I share it-the best fate for a book, to be shared, and shared, and shared... in a word, read. It is a fun book, although it deals with not a funny topic at all: extinction of beautiful creatures.

Rhinos, bats, trees, pigeons, dolphins...and I would add, after all, humanity, is decaying faster and faster. As cleverly pointed at the end of the book (by M. Carwardine), species were always disappearing, but what is happening today is increase in the rate of extinction. It is a F1 race of extinctions. Here we should panic!

The battle is fought by idealists, or plain madmen, rarely anyone else.

Read the book, point it to your children and read to your grandchildren. It has something of a spirit of Darwin's writing about travels aboard "Beagle".

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