Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chernobil, 22nd anniversary-brave Elena

End of april 1986 one region of Ukraina died...or at least got lethal dose. People moved out for few hundred years, and it became a monument of human...stupidity or reason? We can discuss it, but from safe distance, as it is not good idea to put Academy in Chernobil.

The best warning I found online is blog
Lots of good text and pictures. Lady is crazily brave, biking through the Death Zone. Fast. My bow, Elena.

If you are green, you will become blue, watching this. Rest of us can only...grow gray. It is old blog, few years ago...but do not worry, it will not be outdated for few centuries more.

Show this to kids, think it yourself. I am a physicist, and know well we do not have third choice, except atomic and, hopefully soon, nuclear energy. Windpower is nice thing, but more to remind us we are in NEED, urge for energy.
For producing food, in the end of the chain...

22 years passed. In 578, by some moderate estimates (300-900 years) real estates prices in the region will move from zero, where they are now.

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