Thursday, December 13, 2007

Literature without borders-Milan Jovanovic

Croatians DO read serbian writers, and vice versa (I hope). One of my dearest authors for last 5 years is Milan Jovanovic, young lawyer from Serbia who (as so many others) left this country troubled by unfortunate choices Democracy enabled to its citizens. If Yugoslavia was mini-model of CCCP, then Serbia is (overblown) Russia, and Croatia...probably Georgia.

From his home in Munich this young writer produces-and publishes back in Serbia- in microscopic number of 300 issues, pure magic. After Milorad Pavic, who almost took a patent for magic in Serbia, with his merging of U. Ecco and JRR Tolkien, we hardly could expect master of equal talent there. Yet, it is here, in M. Jovanovic.

After "Monah", "Ratnik", "Zimovanje na primorju" and "Teodora", I was lucky to obtain the newest jewel: "Gospodar". I will share my thoughts on this book with you, Croatian version of this text
is at .

Milan Jovanovic: "Gospodar"
Fairy tale, almost in the sense of M. Pavic. But told the way only Jovanovic can, in simple language and without blown-up ikonography and hagiography of Serbia, the Land of Miracles and Magic. Jovanovic even "when he lies, does it beautifully", indeed.

What seems to be ordinary family history, so common to Slavic people from Moscow to Trieste, reminds us that life is way more miraculous than any novel. Supernatural dimension of this story, interwowen in its earthly moments, become more unbelievable than any witchcraft. Evil and Good cry at us from the depths of a dark lake in the moonlight, stained in virgin blood of village youth under mighty landlords.

Lynch would enjoy making movie by this book, and Hitchcock would not be bored, either.

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