Saturday, June 9, 2007

Time is up

Well, time seems to be up for a real blog. miki d'taiwan and miki d'hellas are just a little bit more than photo-albums for family and friends.
miki d'kolan is me, myself and I.

What initiated it's birth was Isabella's (Izzy) pledge for co-writing a book(s) on idea(s) that matter. At least to the people who write. When I saw it ,it was natural to go for it. Funny. More understood as an exercise of "how this pledging works?"

Tell me about non-statistycal world! I will listen and mix the waters of underworlds with my feets, bathed in the Ocean of the Erotycon 3.

Why to hell I'd want to write a book?? If I haven't done it for 38 years, what a hell I would have to say now? Synthesis of my knowledge, understanding and care for the world? Holy Shit! NO! Exactly the contrary effect is on my mind: to de-concentrate (I am ZenMasterMiki, after all!), de-construct and de-mistfy "knowledge".

Not negate. Knowledge exists, is real and is powerful.

I will make wishlist of books to be written by others (I am not the one for them because of this or that reason, or simply because I am lazy to go for it). The 1st one, not to forget, would be: "Far East Freud". As in these non-monotheistic countries ut should be a bit different. Explanations in Freud are so connected to the Books that one could think Chinese do not have sex. Monkey Princess would agree, I know, but I think she is, anyway, bumping with her James, only she is not to say it loud, as good Taiwanese girl.

Interesting will be to follow to what Izzy's initiative will lead. As "alpha Chic" she is for certain able to drag after her bunch of followers. There is some pervert pleasure in this, such blind following of the leading pussy. But so sweet! :-D

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